siding with Satan or turning to God ?

When Adam and Eve listened to Satan, they stopped listening to God. They ceased to listen to the words of He who loved them and created them. They ceased to value what they had, and yearned for what they did not have and did not need. Recognise that mentality ?

They turned their back on what was substantial and meaningful, to believe in a deception, in a lie, in a false promise. They listened to the voice of one whom Jesus describes as “a murderer”, as “a liar” and as “the father of lies”. 

They turned away from the essence of all good, to desire and trust in all that is evil. As a result, they and their offspring became progenitors of Satan’s nature and Satan’s deeds. They began to know shame [aware they were naked]; they began to blame others instead of owning responsibility for their thoughts and deeds [the woman you gave me, she gave me the fruit to eat, so I ate it]. 

They began to know pain and problems [the woman would have pain in childbirth and the man would know trials and hardship in toiling the earth to cultivate food]. They began to know alienation from one another and from God [he blamed God and the woman, and she blamed the serpent – so God had to banish them from Eden lest a worse outcome ensue]. 

And in chapter 4 of Genesis we see that this new nature of alienation bred the first killer, Cain. Cain who killed his brother Abel out of jealousy and hate. Alienation. 

What’s worse, a human being started to tell God what God should, and should not, like. To second guess God and to behave like God. Abel offered God what God wanted [Genesis 4 and Hebrews 11].  But Cain self determined that God should accept what he had to offer as a sacrifice. Refusing to accept God’s verdict on the situation, even after an explicit warning,  Cain imposed his own reading of the situation and murdered his brother. 

Today, people still obey the sinful nature born of their forefather Adam who listened to God’s enemy instead of to God. Our very instincts are corrupted by “sin” – the tendency to rebel against God’s perfect order and obey our own selfish instincts inherited from Adam.

Hardly surprising, then, that we see so much evil and selfcentredness in the world today. Wars and displacement of populations dominate the news; disease and hunger are the daily experience of millions of poor people. The strong dominate the weak instead of protecting them. The governments of large and powerful nations manipulate the smaller countries of the world; they oppress their own populations; they are increasing the size and capabilities of their military forces, despite all the evidence of the evil which wars bring to innocent bystanders…

Is this God’s fault ? 

NO ! This is the outcome of the evil resident in the human heart. Human beings are doing what their evil nature dictates, regardless of the impact on others. 

If they chose instead to obey God, what a revolution there would be !  No more wars; no more lying to each other, destroying trust – the very basis of all harmony; no more over consumption in rich countries while millions go hungry and lack even basic health care in poor nations – nations so often governed by corrupt, self serving and wealthy elites. 

Whether the story of Adam and Eve is true, or just a didactic fable, the truth it depicts remains overwhelmingly pertinent today. 

To undo all this is simple. Renounce Satan’s ways and words, and start listening to God our maker, and do as he says. 


But do we  ? 

As Jesus points out, the problem of the Fall remains embedded in human nature: 


Own up to evil, and put it right. God will help you. In fact only God can. That is why Jesus came to die on the cross – to cancel the Curse of the Fall, and to give us a fresh start with God. It is only by doing what he says; it is only by cultivating his presence and his nature in our lives, that we can be both free, and live the way God always intended us to live. 

In harmony with him, by obeying Him –  and rejecting the devil

By Christianity

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