Creation, NOT evolution !

It is explicit in the very first chapter and page of Genesis that God created the world. It was his act, by his power and by his word. It was not the action of human beings, nor was it a process of evolution by which a simple life form evolves to more complex beings.

How could life actually evolve ?

In the first place it denies the explicit account recorded in Genesis. In the second place, it denies the notion of God ie the Author of all life. It says God cannot be; it makes the Bible a fable; and it makes Christianity a lie. In the third place, how can life just evolve from the simple to the complicated ? How does that work ? How can what is simple suddenly make itself able to be more complicated ? From where does that capability come ?

No, Evolution is the fable and the fabrication ! It is sinful man’s excuse for refusing to acknowledge his Maker and Sustainer. Sinful and rebellious human beings won’t accept the idea of God because that makes God their Master. They won’t accept that they are dependent creatures and subject to a higher power, because that offends man’s stubborn pride.

Evolution is a fable which requires faith ! It is a prejudiced position which cannot be proven. Indeed, the “evidence” for evolution is woefully lacking. It is a theory, and no more – a theory for which the actual fossil evidence of connections between animals and humans is scant.

So Evolution is both irrational – how can a simple organism cause itself to become complex; and it is unproven – the evidence is sadly limited and dependent on it being seen as evidence by people predisposed to believe that theory.

No, if God exists as God, then he is quite capable of creating us. And the account in the first pages of Genesis tells us that he created mankind “in his image” and in doing so created the male and the female.

In his image means like God, having his character and attributes:

  • capacity to think and create
  • a will to choose between options
  • independence of mind and action
  • distinct personality – identity

That fact in itself gives human beings a tremendous value and dignity. It means we must respect and value other human beings for who they are. It is arrogance to think that we are better than others; better than another human being who is also made like God.

Male and female; man and woman. Together they are the reflection of God in all his perfect HARMONY and LOVE. The attributes of man and woman together tell us something of God’s identity. The male alone has a certain identity and attributes. So does the female. Yes they share many attributes as human beings. But what is distinctive about them as distinctly male and female also tells us about God’s character.

We may refer to God as Father. But in his attributes he is in fact both mother and Father, male and female, together !

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