getting life into perspective – getting our lives right !

We all have problems getting things into perspective at times. But how difficult it becomes when we have the completely wrong take on life. We cannot see where we are or why. Invariably that is because we are out of touch with the one who made us and has a purpose for us. And we remain out of touch all the while we live in rebellion to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

The prophet Daniel in the Bible knew precisely where he was with God. He knew what God was doing and why.

In chapter 9 of the book of Daniel in the Old Testament, we read Daniel’s great prayer to God. In that prayer we see that:

  1. Daniel understood that God was real and active
  2. Daniel understood that his predicament was within the plan and purpose of God
  3. Daniel understood that he and his people were obliged to live as God says
  4. Daniel sincerely acknowledged to God that his people were wrong and that God was right
  5. Daniel understood that God was merciful to those who acknowledge their failings and are prepared to put things right
  6. Daniel understood that God waits for us to realise our need of him and his power to help
  7. Daniel prayed from the heart to God to put the situation right

Do we understand the reality of God today ? That God our Maker knows best ? That we must therefore live as God says ?

The Bible is clear time and again. If we trust in God, take his teaching to heart and live it, then we will see God’s love and presence in our lives. But if we don’t, we will see his opposition. The choice is ours, but we must consciously turn our lives around to obey God.

Daniel the prophet is also a biblical “type” of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a foreshadowing, a depiction of certain qualities of Jesus Christ who came to save us from the biggest problem we have – OURSELVES !

Daniel prayed on behalf of the Jews back then. Today, Jesus prays to God on our behalf. Jesus knows and understands God’s great plan for us and for the world. We need to

  1. see God the Father at the centre of our lives
  2. pray to God our Father daily to know his grace and purpose worked out in us
  3. live according to the New Testament

Make Jesus Lord !

Christian Preacher

By Christianity

The personal icon photograph shows God's creation, the world. It reminds us that God is the Creator of all - the almighty, the all knowing and all present - the one who is most important of all. The one to whom we owe all, and the one to whom we will answer for all. The site's header image of the Bible [King James Authorised Version], a map, a light and a compass represent to us that God's word in the Bible is our spiritual map, illumination and guide through this life. Those who obey his teaching will know his presence and power - Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 23

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