only God can open your spiritual eyes !

Human beings have a serious problem. They know full well that God exists – they can see the evidence all around them in the order of the natural world, for example. But they refuse point blank to believe in God or take him seriously.

Now,  we know that there are some very religious people who appear to believe in God, but on closer inspection we see that they don’t.

Invariably such people are only too willing to resort to the same methods as the world about us. To manipulation; to observing a pecking order; to concealment of embarrassing facts; to all sorts of things which the world is happy to do, but which our consciences tell us are wrong for Christians.

So, I am talking about the religious too !

Every human being has a problem with accepting God.

That is because we are shut up in our trespasses and sins, says the apostle. We are actually blinded by the curse of God which came on our first father, Adam when he disobeyed God, obeying instead the temptation of Satan.

Since that time, the correct order of God has been inverted. We don’t see as God sees but we do see as Satan sees.

We readily accept what evil says to us; but we second guess – and even have contempt for – what God says.

We are indeed BLIND – spiritually blind. 

And only God can cure our spiritual blindness and cause us to see his great Truth.

This is the background I want to outline as we come to the final verses of Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 20.

There we find the story of two blind men who call out to Jesus to be healed of their blindness. And Jesus heals them.

And behold two blind men sitting by the way side when they heard that Jesus passed by cried out saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David”

And the multitude rebuked them, because they should hold their peace: but they cried the more saying, “Have mercy on us, O Lord, Son of David.”

And Jesus stood still, and called them and said: What will ye that I shall do unto you ?

They say unto him, “Lord, that our eyes may be opened.”

So Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him. 

Let us note the most important aspect first. Having gained their physical sight, they chose to follow Jesus – that is they joined his disciples, the people following him; those who wanted to be with him – to know his presence, and to hear his words.  Jesus presence and his words – his teaching – are more important to the believer than anything else in this world.

Jesus presence and Jesus words will always be more precious to the true disciple than all other considerations in this life – including our very mortal existence in this present physical world. 

This is a physical picture for far greater spiritual truth. That Jesus opens blind spiritual eyes that we may see who he is and so follow him for the rest of our lives.

All Jesus miracles as recorded in the New Testament had a spiritual purpose to them. His miracles were not just an end in themselves – as important as that was – they had a very real point of doctrine to make. 

And until God chooses to open our eyes, we will not see. Which is why it is so important that the church prays and asks God to open blind eyes that the lost may see and know Jesus Christ.

Remember, God himself cursed the human race with separation from him as a result of Adam’s listening to Satan’s temptation and thereby disobeying God’s express command to Adam not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. 

We are to accept God’s moral teaching, and no-one else’s. God’s way brings health and blessing; Satan’s way lies misery and spiritual poverty.

But there are important stages to notice in this process.

Firstly, the blind men hear about Jesus coming; they have heard of his reputation; they know about him; but now they want to meet him for themselves.


Secondly, the blind men called out to Jesus. They knew that he alone could meet their need; Jesus alone could heal them, and give them the all critical sight which they craved and needed.

They knew their need; they knew only Jesus could help them.


The crowd told them to be quiet. The crowd said that Jesus was not interested in them. But did they believe that ? No. They called out even more, for Jesus to have mercy on them. The blind men refused to heed the crowd and their doubt, their belittling; their assessment of what Jesus would be interested in. They refused to accept what everyone else was saying and persisted in their cry to Jesus.


Then Jesus stops. They have his attention.

But he asks them a very strange question. What should he do for them ? Surely it was obvious, especially to God who knows all things !

And they must ask; they must specify; they must respond to him when he poses the question.


Jesus of course knows their condition and their need. Jesus does not ask for his own benefit – he asks so that they might be real, both with themselves and with him. This is going to be absolutely life changing for them; a shock. Are they ready for it !

And they have to face that fact. That he will change their lives and they will never be the same again.


Because it is that real with Jesus Christ.

When you hear his voice, then you must respond, and you must be prepared for him to change your life forever. For the better.

And to live obediently for Him, ever after !

Christian Preacher

By Christianity

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