This is that prophet ….

Then those men when they had seen the miracle that Jesus did said: “This is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world”.

This is the reaction of those who witnessed the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 as recorded in what we know as chapter 6 of the Gospel of John the Evangelist.

The Jews had for centuries been awaiting the coming a saviour from God, a particular and special messenger or prophet whom they referred to as the Messiah, the anointed one. What these men saw convinced them that Jesus was the man.

Suddenly the gravity and the impossibility of what Jesus had done caused them to realise its significance on a totally different dimension: the eternal.

No  human being could possibly have done such a thing, all of it done transparently before everyone; there could be no room for falsehood, trickery or deceit. Everyone witnessed the event in its entirety. Every one knew.

The truth that the promised saviour was before them could not be kept from them.

And here again we see the manner in which a miracle is accomplished. We see a repetition of the Water into Wine intervention at the Wedding at Cana in Galilee.

Men obeyed God’s instruction. Men believed God’s servant could do something about a problem. And the miracle occurs.

5 loves and 2 fish are brought to Jesus. Nothing compared to the need of 5000. Yet as they act in obedience and distribute the meagre rations, the miracle occurs. In fact what was left over was several times what they had started with.

Every one fell into line.

The crown sat down as instructed, in an orderly manner. Please note there is nothing spectacular or disturbing or apparently out of the ordinary. Just an orderly arrangement to manage the distribution in a methodical and calm manner.

God operates through the normal order of things. It’s just that he can multiply the natural provision to meet the extent of the need.

It is a lesson for us all. Start doing what God says, the way he says to do it, trusting him to meet the need, and the work will be accomplished.

By Christianity

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