Who is your hero ?

I guess everyone has a hero. It is a feature of our humanity that we are susceptible to putting a person on a pedestal. It is quite natural, especially when we are young. We all need role models – someone to look up to; someone to be an example.

But as I get older I find that human beings are unreliable.

Who then can fulfill that need ? Indeed should it be met ?

For a hero to be a hero, they need to be heroic. My dictionary defines a hero as a man admired for great deeds and noble qualities.

At present there are election campaigns going on in this country. There are several candidates to become leader of the nation – to be top man or woman, Head of State, the character who will display noble qualities and do great deeds.

The candidates are talking up what they will do for the people. The people in their turn are looking for a hero – yet again. Many are incorrigible optimists who see their favoured candidate as heroic, while viewing all the others as mere mortals. Many, however, are disillusioned or just don’t know.

The outgoing Head of State is no longer seen as successful. Opinion polls are not flattering. He will not be standing again. The unpleasant truth was brought home to him just before Christmas and he has spent much time abroad since then.

His image of himself was evidently of one having heroic qualities. I suppose that is necessary for any mere mortal who thinks they are good enough to lead an entire nation. But his self image was not matched by his image in the nation.

People deceive themselves about their hero, as does the hero himself …

One person in the annals of history did display noble qualities and do great deeds –  if you count doing miracles to heal people, and refusing to harm others by choosing to die on a wooden cross …

There is perhaps nothing more noble than self sacrifice in the face of anger, hatred and injustice. There is perhaps no greater example to us. Especially when the person making the sacrifice fulfills his own words, his teaching by doing so.

Politicians may be characterized by mixed motives and broken promises.

Jesus Christ continues in a class of his own.


By Christianity

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