Post Truth – post Christian

We live in critical times. Every generation probably says this, but there is a watershed moment in the Western world today.

I say western world meaning that world critically influenced by Christian thinking – if not Christian faith.

We now witness that age giving way to a new world based on post Christian thinking. It is a world where

  • absolute truth and morals are what man says, not God
  • man is the measure of all things, not God
  • our existence is merely material, not spiritual

The reinvention of our world view by those characterised as politically correct has reached the point where THE TRUTH is what they deem it to be.

Well, we all do that, don’t we.

It is the intolerance of any dissenting perspective, however, that is worrying. It is seriously asserted that any perspective at variance with their perspective  is “post truth” – beyond truth, reinventing truth, indeed an enemy of truth and therefore of all human decency.

In this world view it is a heinous sin to suggest that abortion is a resort to extreme measures, not a Right; that being homosexual is not the norm for most people, but an exception, a variation.

Let me say immediately that these things are facts of life. They have always existed, and always will. They are part and parcel of our humanity – a fallen humanity – a nature we all share as human beings. So there is no room for a sense of superiority or judgmentalism. 

It was from the limitations, and indeed the pain of what we are, that the Christian faith says  Jesus Christ came to deliver us.

According to the Christian faith, Christ came to tell us the Truth – indeed He came saying that he is the Truth.

In other words we should trust to the worldview and the advice he gives us – not trust in the vagaries, the fads and fashions of human thinking corrupted as it is by our inherent selfishness, even wickedness.

In my experience, trusting in the vagaries of my selfish human heart has led to great distress for myself and for others.

Trusting in the simple advice given by Christ has led to wise decisions and consequences.

By Christianity

The personal icon photograph shows God's creation, the world. It reminds us that God is the Creator of all - the almighty, the all knowing and all present - the one who is most important of all. The one to whom we owe all, and the one to whom we will answer for all. The site's header image of the Bible [King James Authorised Version], a map, a light and a compass represent to us that God's word in the Bible is our spiritual map, illumination and guide through this life. Those who obey his teaching will know his presence and power - Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 23

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